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Country Business Name Specialty Web Joined
  Australia   Advanced Aquarium Technologies   Export of marine animals off all sizes including public aqurium size animals   Web 2011
  Australia   Aquariums Alive   Tropical fish, gold fish, rare catfish, discus, tank maintenance and rental tanks for businesses   Web 2010
  Australia   Fish Wholesalers Australia   Marine fish   Web 2011
  Australia   Global Marine Imports   Importer Wholesaler of Marine Fish   Web 2013
  Australia   Oceanpets   Marine fish, tank raised and wild caught exporter   Web 2008
  Australia   Oz Reef Connections   Coral and Marine Fish   Web 2011
  Austria   Aqualine-Terraline   Import, export, selling of rare fish   Web 2007
  Austria   Tropical Aquaworld   Import, export of rare fish, Kordon and a.b.a.   Web 2012
  Belgium   Aquarium Center Belgium   Cichlids   Web 2012
  Belgium   Aquatile Enghien   Fabriquant de syst   Web 2011
  Belgium   Au Poisson d'Or   Import export freshwater and marines, rare species   Web 2011
  Belgium   Hustinx Aquaristiek NV.   Selected wild discus from Brazil, Marine fishes and corals, Ornamental fishes, Wholesale & Retail   Web 2011
  Brazil   Aqua Fauna Imp&Exp Ltda   Export fresh water fish, wild discus, corydoras, piranhas, apistogrammas, tetras   Web 2011
  Brazil   Dagua Aquarios   Salt water and fresh water fish   Web 2010
  Brazil   F.C. Cauhy Importa   Freshwater fishes - Plecos and Rays   Web 2011
  Brazil   Fishland Comercial Ltda   Freshwater fish, marine fish, coral, invertebrates   Web 2011
  Brazil   Mar*a*Mar   Marine /Fresh /Live Rock   Web 2004
  Brazil   Projeto   Marine ornamental fish, amazon fish, plecos,discus, motoro rays, piranha and corydoras   Web 2007
  Brazil   Projeto Arapaima Exp. Imp. Ltda   Plecos and Stingrays   Web 2011
  Brazil   Santarem Discus Lda   Wild discus, plecos, rays, corys, all wild fish from Amazon, expeditions   Web 2009
  Brazil   Universo dos Peixes   Freshwater fish, marine fish, and corals   Web 2011
  Bulgaria   Importer of Tropical fish, Plants, Marine fish, coral, Invertebrates, live rocks   Web 2007
  Bulgaria   Discuses and aquariums   Web 2011
  Cameroon   Gulf Aquatics Cameroon   West African   Web 2009
  Cameroon   Supreme Cichlids Srl   Wild caught cichlids   Web 2011
  Canada   April's Aquarium   Discus , small tropicals   Web 2010
  Canada   Aquatic Authority   Corals, marine fish, inverts, exotic saltwater & freshwater, discus, sharks   Web 2012
  Canada   Aquatic Kingdom Inc   Tropical fish, marine fish, corals and koi   Web 2012
  Canada   AquaValley   Saltwater fish, coral and invertebrates import and export, retail and wholesale   Web 2011
  Canada   Bayside Corals   Saltwater fish, coral & supplies   Web 2012
  Canada   Canadian Aqua Farm   Discus, koi   Web 2012
  Canada   Canadian Aquatics   Plecos, rays, cichlids, shrimps   Web 2010
  Canada   Coral Reef Shop Inc.   Marine fish & coral   Web 2012
  Canada   Discus Paradise   Discus fish   Web 2011
  Canada   Dragonfish Canada   Asian Arowana Importer   Web 2007
  Canada   Incredible Aquarium   Importer Saltwater Fish, Coral, Inverts, and Liverock   Web 2011
  Canada   Kerry's Tank Raised Tropical Fish   Breeder of Angelfish and Tetras   Web 2012
  Canada   Quebec Cichlides     Web 2005
  Canada   Reef Maniac   Importer of marine fish and coral   Web 2011
  Canada   Reef Wholesale   Importer of marine corals and inverts from around the world.   Web 2011
  Canada   Rift Zone Aquatics   African cichlids   Web 2009
  Canada   The AFISHionados   Cichlids, plecos   Web 2007
  Canada   The Reef Shoppe   Saltwater fish, invertebrates & coral   Web 2012
  China   Beijing New Rainbow Feed   Freeze dried and compound fish food   Web 2007
  China   Cornwall Aquatics   Breeder & exporter of tropicals and goldfish   Web 2012
  China   Hangzhou Xiaoshan Fengshui Ornamental Fish Farm   Fancy Goldfish and koi   Web 2013
  China   Ky-fish .com   Import & export of tropical & goldfish   Web 2010
  China   Luos Goldfish Farm   Goldfish   Web 2009
  China   Oujing Aquafish Farm   Goldfish & discus   Web 2011
  China   YuHai Pte Co.   Goldfish Professional   Web 2005
  Colombia   Aquamark Tropical Fish   Exporter of freshwater tropical fish from Colombia   Web 2005
  Colombia   Best Amazon Export Fish C.I. Ltda   Ornamental fish, catfish, Stingrays, Cichlids   Web 2006
  Colombia   C.I. Guainia Tropical Fish   Export of ornamental tropical fish, over 25 years of experience   Web 2011
  Colombia   Colombiana de peces   All kind of exotic tropical fishes from Colombia   Web 2010
  Colombia   Fresh Water Tropical Fishes Ltda   Exporter ornamental tropical fish   Web 2011
  Colombia   GB Aquarium   Fresh water fish exporter   Web 2009
  Colombia   Sea View Tropical Fish   Wholesaler of freshwater fish From Colombia - tetras, altum, arowanas, plecos   Web 2012
  Costa Rica   Flora y Fauna Tropicales S.A.   Importer and exporter of fresh and salt water   Web 2010
  Czech Rep   DG.CzechFish s.r.o   Czech aquarium bred fish   Web 2011
  Czech Rep   Happy Fish   Exporters of tropical fish, breeding   Web 2008
  Czech Rep   Milan Ullman   Tropical fish wholesaler and breeder. Aquatic plants. Cold water fish.   Web 2013
  Czech Rep   Petra-Aqua   Tropical fish wholesale, aquatic plants, koi, cold water fish   Web 2007
  Czech Rep   Tanganika and Malawi aquarium CZ   Tanganika and Malawi - export, import, wholesale   Web 2007
  Czech Rep   Tanganyika & Malawi Aquarium   Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids, catfish, stingrays   Web 2012
  Denmark   Cichlide Centret   Discus   Web 2011
  Fiji   Walt Smith International Fiji Ltd   Exporter of corals, fish, live rock, aquaculture corals, with CITES since 1989, OFI member   Web 2012
  France   Pisciculture d'Estalens   Importer exporter wholesale marine and freshwater   Web 2010
  France   Starlight-Aqua- France   Import tropical fish, discus.marine fish.   Web 2010
  Germany   Airfish - Cichlids   Import And Export of Tanganyika Cichlids   Web 2007
  Germany   Amazon Aquatics   South-american species, especially all variants of plecos   Web 2009
  Germany   Amazon Exotic Import   South American and West African rare fish import & export   Web 2007
  Germany   Amazon-Fisch   All fishes and rarity from South America   Web 2006
  Germany   Aquahaus Gaus   Malawicichliden, Einzell und Gro   Web 2011
  Germany   Aquarium Dietzenbach GmbH   Importer, exporter, breeder of tropical fish and reptiles   Web 2012
  Germany   Aquarium Glaser   Freshwater ornamental fish / Import, export, wholesale / Rare fish specialist   Web 2011
  Germany   Aquatilis   Rare South-American ornamentalfish, Arowana, Arapaima, L-Catfish, Cichla, Cichlids, Rays   Web 2012
  Germany   Arass GmbH   Red Sea fish, tropical fish, aquatic plant, fish bags   Web 2010
  Germany   Cichlidenland GmbH   Import & Export Malawi and Tanganyika Cichlids   Web 2011
  Germany   FFAZ System Entwicklung   Automatic fish feeder   Web 2011
  Germany   Fraku Aquaristik   Wholesale/retail of freshwater invertebrates: shrimps, crayfish, snails, crabs, clams   Web 2011
  Germany   Hawi-Aquaristik   Shrimps, crabs and snails   Web 2010
  Germany   Importstation UG   Importer of ornamental fish, shrimp, plant, coral, clam, inverts all of fresh, brakish, marine   Web 2011
  Germany   Korallen-Outlet GbR   Wholesaler, hard corals, soft corals, marine fish, invertebrates, live rock   Web 2011
  Germany   OF Aquaristik   Rare tropical fish from South America & Africa   Web 2012
  Germany   Quality Fish Import GmbH   Wholesaler, Transshipper Im - Export for rare marinefishes, invertebrates and corals.   Web 2011
  Germany   Rendo Shrimp Shop   Freshwater invertebrates, shrimps, lobster, snails and much more. (own breeding)   Web 2011
  Germany   Tropical Live Import   Clams, corals, marine fishes   Web 2011
  Ghana   Eastern Atlantic Marine & Aquatic Resources Ltd   Exporters of marine fish, fresh water tropicals, live rocks, East African species & corals.   Web 2011
  Ghana   Marine Aquatics Ghana   Exporter of marine fishes, polyps zoanthus, fresh water fishes   Web 2012
  Greece   Abyssos   Potamotrygon, rare fish, african cichlids   Web 2012
  Greece   Aquart Ltd   Import / Export of fresh and salt water fish. Rare species. Greek farm fish collector.   Web 2012
  Greece   Hellas Ornamental Fish Farm Mario Horn & Co   Breeder and exporter of tropical fish, livebearers, south, middle american, african cichlids   Web 2012
  Greece   Lionfish Ltd   Import - Export marine fish, corals, clams, freshwater fish, aquatic plants   Web 2013
  Guam   Whole Marine   Satwater fish, cultured giant clams and cultured corals   Web 2012
  Guinea   Aquarium System Ltd   Exporters of tropical fish   Web 2007
  Hong Kong   Fish Faces Exotic Import   Importer and Exporter of Goldfish, Lake Tanganyika, L-Number, Stingray, Catfishes   Web 2011
  Hong Kong   KY Ltd.   Imp & exp of tropical fish & gold fish, manufacturer of fish medication fish food, flowerhorn food.   Web 2011
  Hong Kong   Red Heart King Aquarium   Marine fish and coral importer / exporter   Web 2013
  Hong Kong   Red Tide Aquarium   Wholesaler: Bee Shrimps, Tiger Shrimps (Wild), Rili Shrimps, Crystal Shrimps   Web 2012
  Hong Kong   Treasure Fancy Limited   Importer   Web 2010
  Hong Kong   Wah Done Breeding Room   Freshwater shrimps, fishes, grasses and hardwares   Web 2010
  Hungary   Amazonas Hungary   Rare ornamental fish import -export   Web 2012
  Hungary   Import-Export aquarium plants   Aquarium floating-Oxyginize-marsh plant, Cladophora   Web 2010
  Hungary   Interaqua Flora   Aquatic plants, cladophora moss ball marimo plants   Web 2010
  India   APL Global Traders   Importer/ exporter of marine, freshwater and ornamental fishes, complete aquarium solutions   Web 2010
  India   Aqualife   Export Flowerhorn, Indian wild caught fish, all tropical fish and plants   Web 2011
  India   Aquatic life   Import and export exotic fishes and aquacultured coral with Cites certificate   Web 2011
  India   Asian Exports   OFI Member - Exporter of tropical fish and invertebrates from India.   Web 2012
  India   Colorific Aquagarden   Ribbon tail guppy   Web 2010
  India   Crystal Aquarist   Koi, gold and tropical fishes   Web 2009
  India   Fancy Aquarium   Exports wild caught fish, freshwater fish, wild tropical fish, invertebrates   Web 2010
  India   Icthus   Import & export of marine and fresh water fishes and invertibrates   Web 2011
  India   Mad Over Fish   Cichlids & marine   Web 2010
  India   Marine Aqua World   Importer and exporter of marine fish   Web 2012
  India   Modern Pet Centre   OFI Member, specialist importer/exporter of all ornamental fish, exotic shrimp, wild tropical fish.   Web 2008
  India   Pescina Indica   Specialist exporters of wild caught fish shrimps, brackish water fish, inverts & tropical exotics   Web 2011
  India   Reliable Aquatics-Sam's Discus India   Discus, flowerhorn, cichlids, tetra breeder, fish food, aquarium accessories, wholesaler   Web 2010
  India   VAquaria   Export of Marine Fishes, Captive breed Clowns and Damsels, Anemones   Web 2013
  Indonesia   AquaFishindo   Marine fish, freshwater & coral with CITES   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Aquazone Indonesia   Exporter of live tropical fish, crustaceans, amphibians,Tanganyikan cichlids breeder specialist   Web 2012
  Indonesia   Aristocratama Invertebrates   Explorer and Exporter   Web 2008
  Indonesia   Bali Aquarium   Cites coral exsporter, breeding fish, and invert exsporter   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Bali Exotic Fish   Exporter marine fish,coral and inverts   Web 2008
  Indonesia   Bali Sea Parade   Marine fish   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Bali Seaworld   Exporter marine fish and coral specialist   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Bellenz Fish Farm   Tanganyikan cichlids, exotic plecos, export   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Big Aqua Indonesia   Rare morph fishes ( platinum, xanthic and albino) and Indonesia wild caught freshwater fishes   Web 2012
  Indonesia   Blue Star Bali   Exporter cultured coral and cultured live rock   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Bluestar Aquatic   Exporter live tropical fish, invertebrates, corals and cultured corals   Web 2012
  Indonesia   Coral Pond   Exporter marine fish, coral and invertebrate   Web 2010
  Indonesia   CV. Aqua First Bali   Export marine fish, cultured coral / invertebrates   Web 2011
  Indonesia   CV. Bluestar Aquatic   Exporter marinefish, invertebrates, corals and cultured corals   Web 2012
  Indonesia   CV. Equator Fish   Exporter of live ornamental tropical freshwater fish   Web 2010
  Indonesia   CV. Galaxi Aquatic   Ornamental fish, invertebrates and aquatic plant exporter   Web 2012
  Indonesia   CV. Gloria International   Distributor/wholesaler, corals and marine fish   Web 2011
  Indonesia   CV. Indo Tropis Aquarium   Ornamental fish exporter, fresh water, saltwater, barckish water, and invertebrates   Web 2012
  Indonesia   CV. Indofishes Farm   Export of regular/breed fishes and seasonal fishes   Web 2010
  Indonesia   CV. Tropical Aquatic   Live tropical fish & aquatic plant   Web 2007
  Indonesia   CV. Tropis Fish Aquarium   Indonesia live tropical fish exporter   Web 2006
  Indonesia   CV. Vivaria Marine   Exporter of marine coral, fish and invertebrates   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Discus Maniac   Discus fish   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Exotic Indo Aquatic   Breeder & export-import ornamental freshwater fish, Aquatic plants   Web 2012
  Indonesia   Harlequin Aquatics   Export and import live tropical fish, aquatic plants, marine invert   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Hoki Marine   Speciality of coral SPS, LPS, marinefish, freshwater fish, inverts & coral   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Indo Marine Centre   Live tropical marine fish, coral & invertebrates exporter   Web 2006
  Indonesia   Indo Tropika Agung Lestari   Exporter of live tropical fish and aquatic plants.   Web 2007
  Indonesia   IndoFishTank   Freshwater fish, freshwater invertebrates, marine fish, marine invertebrates, corals, plants   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Indomahseer   Mhseer fish / empurau / kelah fish specialist   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Indopisces Exotica   Live tropical freshwater & marine fish and corals   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Jumbo Tropical Fish   Export freshwater ornamental fish, Discus, Native Invertebrates (Shrimp, Clam, Snail, Crab)   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Leopard Aquatic   Indonesian wild caught fish   Web 2006
  Indonesia   Live Fish Export   Marine fishes, invertebrates, corals, fresh water fishes and plants exporter. We have CITES   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Maram Aquatic   Tropical freshwater fish, plants, turtles and marine fish distributor   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Marlin Aquarindo   Export and Import Tropical fish and exotic animals   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Panorama Alam Tropika   Coral, live rock and invertebrates exporter   Web 2011
  Indonesia   PD Cahaya Arwana Nusantara   Super Red Arowana   Web 2011
  Indonesia   PD. Jaya Aquarium   Export - import fish freshwater   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Pendowo Corals   Wild corals and cultured corals specialist with CITES   Web 2012
  Indonesia   PT. Aqua First Indo   Marinefish, freshwater Fish ( Discus, Koi,Etc ) , plants, coral, live rock with Cites   Web 2012
  Indonesia   PT. Diyo Enggal Makmur   Exporter of exotic ornamental fish, culture coral, invertebrates and artificial liverRock   Web 2010
  Indonesia   PT. Jupiter Aquarium Indonesia   Wild caught & exotic breeder specialist   Web 2010
  Indonesia   PT. Samaru Bali   Export fresh tropical fish   Web 2009
  Indonesia   PT. Sangputra Wimasjaya   Soft and hard corals with CITES   Web 2010
  Indonesia   PT. Segatama   Live corals, invertebrates, and fish   Web 2010
  Indonesia   PT. Trisentosa Intrabuana Niaga   Exporter of exotic coral reefs, cultured coral, invertebrates and marine fishes   Web 2011
  Indonesia   PT. Tropikal Aqua World   Export Marine Fish and coral   Web 2006
  Indonesia   Samudra Khatulistiwa   Exporter coral, marinefish, freshwaterfish, inverts & live rock   Web 2011
  Indonesia   Seamate Trading   Tropical fish   Web 2009
  Indonesia   Seaworld Centre   Exporter Indian Ocean and rare marine fish   Web 2013
  Indonesia   Segitiga Bali   Exporter of ornamental marine fish   Web 2006
  Indonesia   Sumber Bahagia   Indonesian sea foods & marine products exporter   Web 2010
  Indonesia   Surya Marine Center   Marine fish, inverts & corals   Web 2007
  Indonesia   Tropical Fish Export   Ornamental fish (marine and fresh) , invertebrates, coral and live rock   Web 2012
  Indonesia   TropicIndo   Tropical Freshwater Fish, Turtle & Tortoise   Web 2007
  Indonesia   UD.Tanjung Harapan   Exporter freshwater, marine fish, plants, corals & live rock (CITES)   Web 2011
  Iran   Persian Goldfish   Export Chinese goldfish international A grade and tropical fish   Web 2011
  Ireland   Aquatic Village   Importers of marines, inverts, tropical fish, Koi, Goldfish   Web 2010
  Ireland   Arowana Ireland   Asian arowana & tropical fish   Web 2010
  Ireland   Lakeland Fishery   Importer / Exporter / Fish Farm   Web 2009
  Israel   AquaPex Ltd   Export of live ornamental fish from bred and grown in Israel   Web 2013
  Israel   Captive Bred Ltd.   Breeding, growing and exporting marine ornamental fish   Web 2012
  Israel   Hazorea Aquatics   Biosecure Koi, Golfish and waterlilies   Web 2007
  Israel   Splash Farm   Marine & freshwater fish breeders   Web 2012
  Israel   Tropical Fish Ltd   tropical fishes   Web 2008
  Italy   Acquarama italia srl   Importer wholesale live tropical fish,live rocks,corals, invrtebrates   Web 2008
  Italy   Aquarium Siracusa   Importatore di plante e pesci piante e pesci tropicali acqua dolce e marina-coralli duri e mollie   Web 2010
  Italy   Aquarium Zoo   Import tropical fish   Web 2010
  Italy   CARMAR SAS   Import - export   Web 2012
  Italy   Hobby Zoo   Discus, discus wild, caracidi, scalari, piante,acquari   Web 2010
  Italy   Iquitos   Import fish   Web 2010
  Italy   Kuda Tropical Fish Srl   Freshwater fish, marine fish, plants, soft corals, hard corals   Web 2010
  Italy   NSAqua Ornamental Fish Farm   Breeder and importer   Web 2012
  Italy   Oriental Pets   Import - export live tropical fish, marine fish, coral   Web 2011
  Italy   Panaque srl.   Ornametal fish breeder and importer   Web 2008
  Italy   Reef International   Marine fish, corals, aquariums, accessories   Web 2010
  Italy   Reef Project Soc. Coop.   Import corals   Web 2012
  Italy   Societ   Discus   Web 2011
  Italy   T.A.F. Trans Aquarium Fish srl   import/export of live tropical fish   Web 2008
  Italy   Tropical Fish   Discus, marine fish, corals   Web 2009
  Italy   Tropical Life   wholesale   Web 2009
  Italy   Zanolli Mario   Ornamental   Web 2009
  Japan   AI-net   Import wholesale Marine fish   Web 2008
  Japan   Burden Ltd   Mammal, birds, reptiles, fishes import & export   Web 2010
  Japan   Daiwa Project Co.Ltd.   Import / Export Marine / Fresh tropical fish   Web 2007
  Japan   Discus Area   Discus, cory, pleco, altum, tropical fish, import   Web 2011
  Japan   Kuroko Co., Ltd.   Import ornamental fishes and aquatic plants   Web 2012
  Japan   Marina-Riverstone, Co, Ltd   Importer, discus, flower horn, ornamental fish   Web 2012
  Japan   Mishima, Co, Ltd   Importer, discus, flower horn, ornamental fish, marine fish   Web 2011
  Japan   Pet Balloon Co., Ltd.   Import / export , wild discus, marine fish & corals, freshwater fish, pleco, stingray, shrimps(CRS)   Web 2011
  Japan   Pisces   Import Marine/Fresh tropical fish   Web 2013
  Japan   Rays Craft   Import stingrays, other tropical fish   Web 2011
  Japan   Riki Japan   Leading importer in Japan   Web 2006
  Japan   RIO Co., Ltd.   Importer of Freshwater and Marine fish, Corals, Aquatic plants, Birds, Small animals, Reptiles   Web 2013
  Japan   SAN-U Fish Farm   Goldfish, tropical fish, aquarium goods, import   Web 2012
  Japan   World Fish Trading Katsuayu   Importer/exporter We import the native freshwater fish from world.   Web 2011
  Jordan   Al Khaldi Aquatic   Importing and exporting   Web 2013
  Kenya   Aqua Kenya Marine Sealife   Exporters of marine aquarium fish, invertebrates and live rock   Web 2010
  Kenya   Kenya Marine Center   Export of tropical marine fish and invert's , live rock   Web 2010
  Kenya   Kenya Tropical Sealife Ltd   Marinefish   Web 2010
  Latvia   Alisma Ltd   Freshwater fish export/import Europe   Web 2005
  Malaysia   Aqua Synergy Discus Farm Sdn Bhd   Discus   Web 2005
  Malaysia   Aquarium Alliance   Aquarium supplies alliance and supply chain   Web 2011
  Malaysia   Aquarium Fish Exporter   Ornamental fish supplier   Web 2007
  Malaysia   Aquasia (M) Sdn Bhd   Exporting cold water and tropical fishes - koi, goldfish, discus, angel, viviparous   Web 2007
  Malaysia   Aquatics International Sdn. Bhd.   Exporter of freshwater tropicals, marine fish, corals & aquatic plants from Malaysia.   Web 2012
  Malaysia   Arowana Ranch   Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana   Web 2012
  Malaysia   Beau-Fish Worldwide Sdn. Bhd   Export tropical fish and aquarium plants   Web 2006
  Malaysia   Bettanature kg baru   Marine fish, coral, fresh water fish,   Web 2011
  Malaysia   Bluegrass Aquatics   Importer/ Exporter of wild/rare tropical fish, plecos, fancy discus, guppy, betta, plants, inverts   Web 2012
  Malaysia   Chai Seng Aquarium Sdn Bhd   Tropical fish, aquatiuc plants, driftwood , stone, fish food , aquarium tank   Web 2010
  Malaysia   Coral Marine World   Exporter of marine fish in Sabah ( North Borneo )   Web 2010
  Malaysia   Discus Master Exporter and Importer   Discus and Tropical Fishes   Web 2013
  Malaysia   Fishlink Worldwide Sdn.Bhd   Import and export of ornamental fish   Web 2007
  Malaysia   IDF Discus Farm   Discus Fish   Web 2007
  Malaysia   Oriental Coast Sdn Bhd   Asian Arowana   Web 2009
  Malaysia   Original Flower Horn Sdn Bhd   Flower Horn   Web 2006
  Malaysia   Penang Sea Garden Aquatics   Tropical fish   Web 2005
  Malaysia   Qian Hu Fish Farm Trading   Ornamental Fish Exporter   Web 2007
  Malaysia   Sanwa Aquatics (KL) Sdn Bhd   Import/export tropical fish   Web 2010
  Malaysia   Sianlon Aquatic SDN BHD   Import, export and breeder of Asian Arowana   Web 2008
  Malaysia   World Star Aquatic Int Sdn Bhd   Discus breeder & exporter   Web 2009
  Malaysia   Yeak Wah Aquarium   Tropical fish and plants   Web 2006
  Maldives   Tropic Marine   Tropical marine fish   Web 2009
  Moldova   Mafexim Grup   Export import tropical fish   Web 2011
  Morocco   Monde Aquatique   Import/Export of Live tropical and marine fish   Web 2013
  Netherlands   Fish and Plant BK   Wild Discus, Wild-Breed Plecos, Stingrays and all other exclusive tropical fish. World wide export   Web 2012
  Netherlands   Interfish   import and export of all kinds of rare fishes   Web 2007
  New Zealand   Aquaworld Ltd   Licenced importer of marine fish, corals, invertebrates, tank hardware.   Web 2012
  Nigeria   Aquahaab Tropical Nig Ventures   Tropical fish export   Web 2008
  Nigeria   Fish orchard company   Fresh water, marine, aquatic plants,i nsects, mammals, amphibians and reptiles   Web 2010
  Nigeria   Friendship Aquatics and Company   Tropical fish exporter   Web 2008
  Nigeria   Monehin Global Fish Company Ltd.   Import and export of tropical fishes   Web 2011
  Nigeria   Shalom Fish and Plant Farms   Freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants   Web 2008
  Nigeria   Tospoint Nig Ltd   Ornamental fish   Web 2011
  Peru   Amazon Country Exports SAC   All Peruvian species, catfish, stingrays, piranha   Web 2012
  Peru   Fish Live Peru Aquarium   Tropical fish live   Web 2009
  Peru   Neotropical Fauna   Rare Tropical Fish Export   Web 2006
  Peru   Peruvian Rivers E.I.R.L.   Arapaima gigas and other fish - export   Web 2011
  Peru   Riverland Aquatics   Exporter, onramental tropical fish from the Amazon   Web 2011
  Peru   Stingray Aquarium   OFI member, Colombian and Peruvian fish exporter, facilities in both countries   Web 2006
  Philippines   Cebu Manila Marine Fish Aquarium   Saltwater fish and inverts   Web 2013
  Philippines   Landmark Trading Corporation   Live marine tropical fishes and invertebrates   Web 2010
  Philippines   Shuey Luong Aquarium   Importer/ exporter/breeder of rare cichlids and other tropical fish   Web 2011
  Philippines   SR Flying Fish Philippines   Live marine tropical fish and invertebrates and aquarium pebbles   Web 2010
  Philippines   Tai-Lin Marine Products Exporter   Marine tropical fish   Web 2010
  Philippines   Tozboya Intl Enterprises   Export of tropical fish, marine fish, shrimp, invertebrates,   Web 2012
  Philippines   V.N. Tropical Marine Products   Marine fish   Web 2009
  Poland   Akwa Marin   Marine fish and corals   Web 2010
  Poland   Aqua Medic Poland   Importer of marine livestock, fish, corals, invertebrates, Setting up big public and private aquaria   Web 2010
  Poland   Hobbysta Junior   Import and export of live tropical fish   Web 2013
  Poland   Zalas Aquarium and Pond Plants   Aquarium plants   Web 2012
  Puerto Rico   Caribe Fisheries Inc   tropical fish   Web 2007
  Romania   Escada SRL   Importer - exporter of exotic fish   Web 2012
  Serbia   Azdaja Doo   Importer of freshwater, marine fish and plants   Web 2012
  Serbia   Fortuna Viva   Importer tropical fish   Web 2011
  Singapore   Aqua Nautic Specialist   Import and export   Web 2009
  Singapore   Aquacultural F.A.M.E. (S) Pte Ltd   Import and Export of Ornamental Coldwater/Tropical, Marine Fishes & Aquatic Plants   Web 2005
  Singapore   AquaMarin Aquatic Pets   import/export marine live fishes and equipment   Web 2008
  Singapore   Golden Octopus Trading Pte Ltd   Importer, exporter, retailer & wholesaler of exotic marine corals, fishes and replica rocks   Web 2011
  Singapore   Green Park Tropical Fish Farm   Exporter of all types of freshwater fish   Web 2004
  Singapore   OTF Aquarium   Breeder & export of DragonFish, Importer & exporter of ornamental fishes   Web 2008
  Singapore   Stones Aquarium   Arowanas, Stingrays, Pleco, oddballs, exotics and rare fishes. (Siamese Tiger, Platinum fishes)   Web 2011
  Singapore   Sunbeam Aquarium Pte Ltd   Freshwater, Marine Tropical Fish, Inverts, Soft Corals and Plants   Web 2004
  Singapore   Tung-Hu Aquarium Trading   Export/Import live tropical fish, breeding Arowana/Dragon Fish & Wholesale aquariums   Web 2009
  Slovak Republic   Erik Karlik-Discus farm   Tropical fish farm, wholesale   Web 2011
  South Korea   Dream Fish   Importer of live tropical fish, aquatic plants, marine fish, corals and invertebrates   Web 2010
  South Korea   Korea Reef Farm   Import corals and marine fish   Web 2009
  South Korea   Lucky Tropical Korea   Ornamental fish importing & exporting breed a ray   Web 2011
  South Korea   Tanganyika Korea   Tropical fish importer / Lake Tanganyika and Malawi fishes   Web 2012
  South Korea   Themarium   Import, marine tropical fish, inverts, corals   Web 2009
  Spain   Biotopica   Exporter discus fish   Web 2010
  Spain   Ebro Fish Farm   Koi, Garra rufa, Puntius denisoni, sturgeon   Web 2010
  Spain   Peces Altum SL   Altum Angelfish, L number arowanas fresh water fish   Web 2012
  Spain   Peces Disco S.L.   Symphysodon sp. L' numbers, Pterophyllum altum... rare fishes.   Web 2010
  Spain   Todo Pez SL   Marinefish and coral wholesaler   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Angel Aquarium pvt(Ltd)   Tropical fish exporter and breeder in Sri Lnaka.   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Angle Ceylon Aquarium   Exporter live fresh water fish & live marine fish   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Aqua Fortune International (Pvt) Ltd   Ornamental fish, marine ornamental fish, aquatic plants and live rock producer and exporter   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Aqua Island   Freshwater fishes and marine fishes   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Aqualified International Pvt Ltd   Live bearer fish and other tropical fish   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Aquamarines International   Marine & freshwater fish, breeders of seahorses and marine fish   Web 2007
  Sri Lanka   Aquastar Aquarium   Impoter & Exporter   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Asian Aquarium (Pvt) Ltd.   Export of ornamental marine, fresh water fish and plants   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Asoka Aquarium   Exporting live fresh water fish and marine fish   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Diyon Water Pets   Export Swordtails   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Green Valley Aquacultures (Pvt) Ltd.   Farmers and exporters of freshwater marine tropical fish and plants ( Guppy, Platy, Swordtail )   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Greenleaf Aquatics   Export   Web 2008
  Sri Lanka   Island Aquarium   Marine fish, shrimps, endemic plant species of Sri Lanka, freshwater fish, rare fishes, bee shrimps,   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Lumbini Aquaria Wayamba Ltd.   Exporters   Web 2009
  Sri Lanka   Multi Fish Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.   Breeder, exporter of freshwater, marine and wild fish from Sri Lanka   Web 2012
  Sri Lanka   Otariee Aquamarine Exports   Live ornamental marine & freshwater fish exporter   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Rainbow Aquarium   Exporting marine live fish & fresh water fish   Web 2012
  Sri Lanka   Shyaro Industries   Export   Web 2010
  Sri Lanka   Silver Dollar Aquarium (Pvt) Ltd   Importers & exporters of live tropical fish and aquatic plants   Web 2009
  Sri Lanka   Tropical Aquatic Fish Farm   Tropical fish, arine fish, brackist water fish, wild caught fish and aquatic plants: Export   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Tropical Fish International (Pvt) Ltd   Breeder, importer and exporter of freshwater , saltwater, invertebrates and aquatic plants   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Tropical International   Export of live tropical fish   Web 2011
  Sri Lanka   Tropical Lanka Fish Paradise   Fresh water, brackish water, ,marine fish and aquatic plants   Web 2013
  Sri Lanka   Tsuyoshi Trading Co (Pvt) Ltd.   Live ornamental Fish Exporter   Web 2008
  Sri Lanka   Water World Italia   Importers and exporters of live tropical fish   Web 2012
  Sri Lanka   Yarana Aquatics   Fresh water fish, wild caught fish etc   Web 2010
  Sudan   Reef Of Fish   Red Sea Marine fish Exporters   Web 2013
  Switzerland   Aqua-Home   Marine fish, corals, freshwater fish, big aquariums   Web 2102
  Switzerland   Aquaristik Dewald - Shop f   Lake Tanganyika - Tanganjika Cichliden   Web 2010
  Switzerland   Arapaima Tropical Fish   Wild tropical fish importer   Web 2009
  Switzerland   Ehab   Marine tropical fish & coral and invertibrates.   Web 2011
  Taiwan   AquaJustFish International Corp.   Worldwide tropical, special and rare fishes import / export   Web 2011
  Taiwan   C-Sky International Trade Co., Ltd.   CRS, Crystal Bee Shrimp, freshwater tropical fish, crustaceans, other freshwater invertebrates   Web 2010
  Taiwan   EZMarines Taiwan   Marine ornamental fish import & export   Web 2007
  Taiwan   HY Tropical Fish Importer   Importer wild rare fresh water fish and exporter any breeding in Taiwna and China   Web 2010
  Taiwan   Jy Lin Trading Company Ltd   Wholesale breeders and exporters of tropical fish, shrimp, turtles, Angels and more   Web 2005
  Taiwan   Marine Fish Taiwan Inc   Export Jumbo show size and Rare marine ornamental fish   Web 2008
  Taiwan   Taikong Corp.   Exporter of freshwater, marine fish and plants   Web 2006
  Taiwan   Taiwan Discus Farm   Discus   Web 2009
  Thailand   Akara Aquarium Group Co.,Ltd.   Flowerhorn, freshwater Stingrays, tropical fish breeder and exporter   Web 2010
  Thailand   Asia Crossbreed   Exporter crossbreeds   Web 2011
  Thailand   Asia Tropic Zone Co.,Ltd.   Breeder, importer, exporter tropical fish, coldwater fish, aquatic plants, fingerlings for food farm   Web 2010
  Thailand   Blue Hobby Aquarium   Importer and distributor / Retailer of all ornamental marine fish from all regions.   Web 2012
  Thailand   Dr. Fish Farm   Cichlids   Web 2010
  Thailand   e-WaterPlant   Export tropical fish, aquarium and pond plants.   Web 2011
  Thailand   Gold Pisces   Guppy, angel, goldfish, livebearer, ornamental fish freshwater   Web 2005
  Thailand   Goldfish2U Co.,Ltd   Goldfish exporter   Web 2009
  Thailand   Hao Qian International Live Tropical Fish Co., Ltd   Malawi, Tanganyika cichlids, Flowerhorn, stingrays, Tropical fish, goldfish, betta, wild caught fish   Web 2012
  Thailand   J.K. Tropical Fish Ltd., Part   Discus and ornamenatl fish, breeder of Galaxy ray, Leopoldi ray and Pearl ray,   Web 2010
  Thailand   Mister Aqua (Thailand) Co., ltd   Wild-caught   Web 2006
  Thailand   P & P Aquarium World Trading Co.   Export/Import wholesaler specializing in freshwater tropical fish from Thailand   Web 2007
  Thailand   Q.P.S. International Aquatics Co. Ltd   Wild caught, captive bred ornamental freshwater fish   Web 2004
  Thailand   Siam Aquarium Fish & Plants   Exporter of tropical fish, gold fish and aquatic plants   Web 2007
  Thailand   Siam Goldfish International   Goldfish varieties   Web 2009
  Thailand   Siamcrowntail   Breeder & exporters of Discus, Bettas, Flowerhorn and Malawi   Web 2006
  Thailand   Star All Fish   Aquarium fish   Web 2013
  Thailand   Suthep and Son Aquarium co.,ltd   Export / importer / breeder of live tropical fish in Thailand   Web 2010
  Thailand   Yuan Sheng International Co.,LTD   Breed guppy , betta ,goldfish ,Koi ,discus, catfish, African cichlid and wild catch original fish   Web 2011
  Togo   O.J Aquatics Imp&Exp Ltd   Exporter of live tropical aquatic, plants and fresh water aquarium fish, Koi fish   Web 2011
  Turkey   Akvaryum Importer Ltd. Sti.   Importer wholesale marine fish, tropical fish, live rocks, hard corals, invertebrates etc   Web 2009
  Turkey   Aquabotanic   bitki   Web 2011
  UK   Aquapamper   Importer of tropical fish   Web 2011
  UK   Aquascape Fish Imports Ltd   Tropical, Coldwater, Marine Fish Wholesaler   Web 2012
  UK   Atlantis Aquatics   Corals, Discus Fish and mail order   Web 2007
  UK   Belton Fish Farm Ltd.   Wholsalers/Importers for more than 35 years   Web 2011
  UK   Coral Haven Ltd   Import / Export marine fish, Inverts, coral. Specialised with rare fish, ultra coral   Web 2012
  UK   Heat Packs Uk   Shipping Warmers   Web 2007
  UK   Lai Aquatics International   Discus   Web 2011
  UK   Midland Aquatic Imports   Wholesaler of Tropical, Coldwater and Pond Fish   Web 2011
  UK   OSAquatics   Tropical freshwater import   Web 2011
  UK   South Coast Tropics   Importer & wholesaler of tropical, coldwater & marine fish and aquatic plant   Web 2012
  UK   Tropical Fish Importers & Exporters   Tropical fish supplier   Web 2012
  Ukraine   Cladophora .biz   export aquarium plant - cladophora aegigropila   Web 2012
  US   5-D Tropical Inc   Breeding freshwater Glofish, tetra, barbs, gourami, danios, cichlids, sharks   Web 2007
  US   ACI Aquaculture Inc   High End Indo and Australian Corals, Marine Fish and Inverts   Web 2013
  US   Aqua Marine Imports   Import tropical fish, coral, clams and seahorses from Vietnam   Web 2010
  US   Aquarium Creations Online   Worldwide saltwater fish, coral, inverts, import/export specialist on exporting Atlantic to Europe   Web 2011
  US   AquaScape Online   Rare and hard to find freshwater tropical fish   Web 2009
  US   AquaTech Imports, Inc.   Quality wild and cultured corals, marine fish, freshwater fish, koi   Web 2008
  US   Aquatic Technology   Importer marine tropical fish, corals & invertebrates   Web 2011
  US   Atlantis Tropical Fish Inc.   Importer, breeder and wholesaler of cichlids and catfish from around the world   Web 2007
  US   Brian's Tropicals   Captive born tropical fish, shrimp, and poison dart frogs   Web 2011
  US   California Cichlids .com   African Cichlids   Web 2007
  US   Central Ohio Discus   Discus   Web 2010
  US   Cichlid Express   Cichlids (African, Central American, South American)   Web 2011
  US   Coral Fish Hawaii   Marine tropical fish   Web 2010
  US   Cortez Tropical Marine   Saltwater tropical fish and inverts from Mexico and Florida   Web 2012
  US   Detroit Coral Farms   Wholesale rare and unusual live coral and invertebrates   Web 2011
  US   Discus Hans USA   Stendker   Web 2007
  US   Dolphin International   Importer   Web 2005
  US   East Coast Tranship, Inc.   Tropical fish wholesale supplier & direct importer : angelfish, cichlids, betta, lionfish, discus   Web 2010
  US   EkkWill Waterlife Resources   Domestic & export sales   Web 2009
  US   Elite Inverts   Freshwater aquarium shrimp, snails, crayfish & crabs   Web 2012
  US   Exotic Sealife International Inc   Atlantic & Caribbean fish, inverts, ricordea, zoanthids etc. Direct import of rare Australian corals   Web 2010
  US   Eye Catching Coral   Live marine coral & fish wholesale import/export   Web 2010
  US   Fin-Addict Aquatic Collections   Saltwater tropical fish & invertebrates   Web 2012
  US   Coral frags, reef tank supplies   Web 2011
  US   Florida Keys Marine Life, LLC   Ricordea, Keys livestock   Web 2012
  US   Global Oceanic Life   Specializing in Australian corals   Web 2008
  US   Golden Phoenix Fisheries, Inc.   Chinese fancy goldfish, fresh water tropical fish   Web 2011
  US   Great River Farms   Freshwater Angelfish   Web 2009
  US   Hawaii Discus   Discus Fish   Web 2007
  US   Hickory Island Tropical Fish Farm   Cichlids   Web 2010
  US   Houston Aquarium Warehouse   Discus and Tropical Fish   Web 2008
  US   JP's Aquarium   Discus breeder and importer.   Web 2011
  US   Kloubec Koi Farm   Breeder and provider of Koi   Web 2010
  US   Luke's Show Guppies   USA and World Class Show Guppies   Web 2006
  US   Manhattan Aquariums   Australian & Indonesian hi-end coral. Retail & wholesale   Web 2010
  US   Marco Rocks .com   Live rock export   Web 2010
  US   Marks Discus   Discus, angelfish   Web 2009
  US   Northstar Aquatics, Inc.   Marine fish, inverts and corals   Web 2010
  US   Oceanlife Direct   Live rock, Atlantic Florida Keys, Dry rock Florida limestone   Web 2012
  US   Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums   Marine fish breeders of Clownfish, Dottybacks, Gobies, Blennies and Cardinals   Web 2010
  US   Ornamental Fish Dist., Inc.   Import / export of freshwater and marine fish   Web 2011
  US   PopPops Fish   Angelfish, discus & imports from South Americs   Web 2010
  US   Proaquatix   Captive bred marine ornamentals   Web 2011
  US   Rainforest Farms International   Freshwater tropical fish for sale in the United States   Web 2011
  US   Rare Reef Imports   Wholesale priced corals and saltwater fish   Web 2010
  US   Reef Cleaners   Specialty in marine invertebrates   Web 2011
  US   Reef Life Aquatics   Corals, Live Rock, Marine Fish   Web 2012
  US   Reef Stew & More   Captive breed clownfish, seahorses, & dottybacks   Web 2011
  US   Renaissance Aquatics, Inc.   Live coral, clams, and live rock   Web 2012
  US   Route 66 Marine   Australia and high end Indonesia corals wholesale   Web 2009
  US   Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.   Marine Fish, corals and live rock   Web 2011
  US   Sea Schor   Australia coral   Web 2009
  US   Segrest Farms   Freshwater, saltwater fish & specialty livestock   Web 2009
  US   Skoolz of Fish   Discount freshwater tropical fish   Web 2010
  US   Socal Tropical Fish   Tropical fish, marine fish, clams, invertebrates and corals   Web 2007
  US   Southwest Discus   Discus, Plecos, Importer   Web 2008
  US   Sun Pet Ltd.   Freshwater / saltwater aquatics   Web 2009
  US   Sustainable Aquatics   Tank Bred Clownfish, Blennies, Gobies, Dottybacks, Comets, plus worldwide Tank Raised fish   Web
  US   Tangled Up in Cichlids   New World cichlids, fancy plecos   Web 2006
  US   The Cichlid Exchange   Wild Malawi Cichlids, Freshwater fish of all kinds   Web 2006
  US   Tropical Fish Emporium, LLC - Hawaii   Pacific Marine Fish - Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Christmas Island, Australia, etc.   Web 2011
  US   Tropicals N More   Tropical fish and live feeders   Web 2012
  US   Underwater World   Importer/exporter marine fish, corals, invertebrates   Web 2010
  US   Universal Aquatics   Saltwater fish, coral, marine inverts, seahorse, clams   Web 2012
  US   Unungy's Rare Imports   Rare Fancy Plecos   Web 2013
  US   Vast Oceans   Marine fish, corals and live rock   Web 2008
  US   WaterScapes Aquatic Plant Nursery   Live aquatic plants   Web 2009
  US   Wild Discus USA   Wild discus fish for sale   Web 2011
  Venezuela   newoac c.a.   Ornamental fish travel, fishing trips, breeding farm of ornamental shrimp & crayfish   Web 2006
  Vietnam   Tropic Blue   Exporter of discus, tropical fish freshwater, marine fish, inverts and soft corals   Web 2010
  Vietnam   Xanh Tuoi Tropical Fish Company   Exporter of tropical fish and marine invertebrates with Cites Permit for tridacna, corals, seahorse   Web 2007