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To have your business listed, send an Email to tropicalfish1 @ or use the form below. All our listings need their own web site, so if you don't have a web site, consider a free Facebook business page.  We reserve the right to delay on new listings in order to prevent false web sites from taking advantage of others.



Google Adwords

Our site has Google Adwords available on every page:

On computer screens the ad locations are:

  • 728x90 on the top of every page.

  • 160x600 on the left column of every page.

  • 728x90 in the body of every page. 

Google Adwords on computer screens may not be available if Customized Advertising has been purchased by others.

On mobile devices there is one responsive ad in the body of each page.

All our Google Advertising can be targeted. On your Adwords campaign, use Managed Placement to advertise directly on our site.  

Customized Advertising

  • Check with us first at tropicalfish1 @ to see about availability.

  • For PC or Mac computers, create your own 728x90 pixel ads or 160x600 pixel ads.

  • For mobile devices, create your own 300x100 pixel ad

  • Send your file(s) to tropicalfish1 @

We do not offer tracking of usage.  We suggest directing to a specific page on your own web site that you can track or where you can offer a discount if they mention your ad.

You don't pay until you see your ad on our site.

Customized Advertising Pricing

For Customized Advertising, we offer rates that are reset on expiry based on demand.

Our current 6 month rates for computer screens are:

  • $35 US for 6 months for the 728x90 ad in the body of every page. 

  • $45 US for 6 months for the 160x600 ad on the left column of every page. 

  • $50 US for 6 months for the 728x90 ad on the top header of every page.

Our current 6 month rates for smart phone are:

  • $25 US for 6 months in the body of every page at a position higher than any other ad.

Contact us at tropicalfish1 @ to make a higher offer when these rates are taken and the 6 month term is ending. 

Customized Advertising Payment

We accept payment through PayPal from many different countries. We do not accept credit card payments.